March 20 corona silver linings

I enjoyed going on my longest run in the last 2 years! It was only 9km, but so luxurious in these times. But wouldn’t have happened otherwise! Hoping we won’t be banned from running altogether so I can continue building up pace and distance. And who knows, maybe marathon training again?

Legs were moving naturally, sun was shining, sky was a millennial blue, and most importantly mind was free enough to stumble on the idea to start these short pieces of (crappy) writing to express my good mood musings, and stop the draining flow of content I’ve been consuming lately. Creating vs consuming, yes please.

I discovered I am scared of seagulls!

I’ve run this route more than a hundred times (mission st leading to the Ferry Building and Embarcadero), but I’ve never seen seagulls fly so low (probably because there are no people?) and I found myself jumping every time I would see them and running away from them.

I am grateful for living in such a uniquely beautiful city

Sunny SF you are gorgeous. Running under the bluest sky and on the dirtiest street.

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