Hi, I am Hind.

In beautiful Mani, in Greece where I was told sunsets are free ☺️

I am not actually sure what to write here… Here are some ‘facts’ about me.

‘Hind’ means India in Arabic. I am not Indian, but very honored to carry the name of such a rich culture and heritage.
I am Lebanese woman.
I am an ‘athlete’ = I move my body in water and land to feel good. Trying to avoid air and fire for the time being.
I can’t stop watching Shakira and JLo’s performance at the Superbowl. One day I’d like to dance like Shakira!
I love love love being in water. Warm water, no Pacific ocean swims, thank you very much.
I love love love food and sharing meals. I think feta + zaatar is the most bombastic flavorful food combination ever (I might be biased).
I love creating, so far most of it has been in tech and hardware products.
I love singing, and can memorize the lyrics of a song after hearing it once or twice. It is a weird superpower I haven’t been able to use yet.

Building that list is an ongoing process, I invest a lot in having the right support to figure it out.

I am a big believer in therapy, coaching, deep relationships, holistic health, open communication, vulnerability and integrity.

Every year I enjoy being myself a little more 🙂

That being said, stay tuned (it seems it gets better).

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