hind hobeika


Instabeat is a heads-up display for swimmers to track, store and visualize their heart rate in real-time to optimize their workout and allow them to reach their peak performance.

Instabeat is a monitor that integrates the essential electronic applications for all athletes’ trainings. The first version is a heart rate monitor that continuously and instantaneously tracks the heart rate of an athlete during the activity, and gives him a real-time visual feedback.

Instabeat will give swimming trainings a whole new dimension. Athletes will be able to monitor their performance closely, thus their progess over time. They are the tool to optimize every training.

Heart rate  is the most important parameter in monitoring any physical activity for both casual and professional athletes. In swimming, the traditional way for measuring heart rate is to count the number of beats over a minute once the race is done. This method is inefficient and not accurate (and it sucks for swimmers!). The available devices consist of watches and belts that would disturb the motion of the swimmer and slow him down. Instabeat will solve this problem! The entire circuit is integrated in the goggles to be worn by swimmers.



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